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Have you ever signed up for a membership program that seemed cool at first, but ultimately offered nothing more than another keychain scanner-thingy dangling from your already busy key ring and a bunch of impossible-to-earn “points” and incentives? Well ladies, this ain’t that! Note: Click a category below to open its tab. Click Questions to close all tabs.

General Inquiries About Memberships

What is an sw! Membership?
We wanted to do something special that would give everyone the opportunity to help us celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary at sw! We also loved the idea of offering you amazing deals, unveiling a really cool app and giving you free stuff! In addition to receiving four (4) sew-in applications at a fraction of the cost, the other coolest part is receiving professional sew-in services at your home or our salon; then walking out the door without having to pay a dime for an entire year!

Are there any requirements to qualify for membership?
Firstly, all members must be at least eighteen (18) years or older to join. A parent or guardian can sign his/her child up for membership if she is at least thirteen (13) years old or older and familiar with the concept and procedures of a sew-in installation. Important: All sw! members must have their hair shampooed and blow-dried on the day of and prior to their appointment time.

What does “Early Access” mean?
sw! Early Access is available now through October 31, 2018. You can also keep an eye on the the countdown above. Once, it runs out, Early Access will end. In the meantime, each membership package will be offered at a discounted annual rate as shown + Early Access labeled incentives will be included for a limited time. Early Access items will be removed and the listed prices will return to their original rates on: November 01, 2018.

Is there a membership cutoff date?
Although, Early Access is going on now, general membership acceptance opens on: November 01, 2018 and closes on: November 15, 2018.

How do I get the SewIn-Go! App?
The SewIn-Go! App will be available for download in both The App Store and Google Play soon.

What are “Maintenance Appointments?”
sw! Members seeking to have their hair washed and professionally maintained between new sew-in installs can take advantage of this à la carte service offering. This service is available for a separate, reduced rate in our store.

Why would I need a Sew-In Take-Down?”
sw! Members seeking to have their “old sew-in” taken down and their hair professionally washed and blow-dried prior to a new sew-in installation can take advantage of this à la carte service offering. This service is available for a separate, reduced rate in our store.

Can I choose my own stylist?
Due to time, scheduling and our home service options and geographical commitments, sw! Members will not be able to choose their own sw! stylists at this time. We will, however, guarantee to our membership-base a great experience with a knowledgeable and professional licensed stylist.

Can I change the location for my home appointment?
Unfortunately, you can not change the home service location associated with your profile. If you are unable to received the sw! stylist at your home on an appointment date, you can a. Reschedule the appointment date or b. Schedule the appointment to take place at our salon.

After I get my hair done, can I really just get up and leave without paying?
Yep. Pretty convenient, huh?

Can I cancel my sw! Membership?
Although, we’d hate to see you go; yes, you can. The sw! Membership is only for one year and it must be renewed manually. And, there is no obligation to renew.

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Virgin Hair Extensions

What kind of hair extensions do you offer?
We offer high-quality Virgin Hair Extensions in the following styles: Straight, Body Wave and Loose Wave. And, in the following lengths: 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″ for only: $50 ea. Note: All styles and lengths are available in Natural #1B.

Can I provide my own hair extensions for my sew-in install?
Sure, you can. sw! Members are not required to purchase our hair extensions for their sew-in installs/appointments.

How much are your hair extensions– for real?
$50. With the lowest rates available in the city and online, sw! members can now achieve their desired looks and build their own bundles without the worry of paying higher prices for quality hair or longer lengths.

Do I have to be an sw! Member to purchase hair extensions?

How long will it take to receive my hair extensions?
All hair extensions are delivered free of charge by your sw! stylist on the day/time of your appointment. Hair extensions can be purchased safely and securely via our online store.

Is your hair inexpensive because its cheap quality?
Nope, it’s the good stuff. Soft, bouncy. No funny smell, no shedding, no matting, no tangling, etc.

Can I color-treat or bleach my hair extensions after install?
Sure. If you know what you’re doing, go for it. Our quality virgin hair extensions can be cut, washed, bleached, flat-ironed, color-treated and in many instances, reinstalled a second time when cared for/maintained as advised.

Can I resell my hair extensions at a profit?

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sw! Appointment Scheduling and Cancellations

Can I select my own appointment dates and times?
Yes, you can. We recommend one new install every three (3) months, but its completely up to you. Your appointments can be as frequent or as spaced apart as you choose.

What are your requirements for home appointments?
We offer home appointment convenience for all Queen Membership Package holders. For your safety and the safety of our stylists, we ask that your home, townhome, condominium and/or apartment building has open, well-lit entryways and exits. If your residence is in an apartment complex with more than six (6) housing units or has known issues with violence, gang activity, loitering, drug usage and drug trafficking — whether at a neighboring edifice (ex. next door) or on your block — you may not be eligible for home appointments at this time.

If you have rodents, bed bugs and/or other visible or known pests and infestations within your residence, you are not eligible for home appointments at this time. An sw! stylist will gladly service your appointments at our salon.

Service Area: The client must live within a twelve (12) mile radius from our salon to be eligible for home appointments.

Important: The client is required to meet/greet the sw! stylist outside in the front of the residence in which she resides. The residence should not have more than three (3) adult males and five (5) adults total in the residence during your scheduled appointment. Drug use or known gang or illegal activity within the residence during the scheduled appointment is strictly prohibited. sw! stylists are instructed to leave the residence immediately and cancel your appointment if any of these issues arise in the residence during your scheduled appointment. You can view our salon terms here.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Aretha members can set, cancel and reschedule their appointments via our SewIn-Go Mobile App. Aaliyah and members must email us to set their appointments. Aaliyah members must send appointment requests to: aaliyah@sewwhatsalon.com and Alicia members must send their appointment requests to: alicia@sewwhatsalon.com. Appointment confirmation will also be sent to the sw! member via email.

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
Yes, you can. We understand that things happen and schedules change, so cancellations and rescheduling is a natural part of the business at times. To cancel or reschedule, simply email us. Aaliyah members: aaliyah@sewwhatsalon.com and Alicia members: alicia@sewwhatsalon.com.

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Sew-In Take-Downs and Maintenance Services

What à la carte services do you offer?
Our à la carte services include:

Color Treatment: sw! stylist will color-treat installed hair extensions and/or member’s hair after install.
Maintenance Services: sw! stylist will shampoo, blow-dry, tighten and style the member’s hair; managing upkeep between installs.
Sew-In Take-Downs: sw! stylist will remove old sew-in; then shampoo, blow-dry and prep hair for new sew-in install.
Virgin Hair Extensions: sw! members can purchase quality virgin hair extensions for their next sew-in installation at drastically-reduced member pricing.

These items are available now in our store.

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