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Welcome to that moment that you never believed would come. The moment where you, a licensed professional, would finally be able to keep 100% of your weekly earnings! No more commission, salary or booth rent!

Sew What! Salon Centre.

Free Booth Rent
Exclusively at Sew What! Salon Centre.
“Attention stylists. It’s your money; sew keep it.” ⋅ Mgmt.

See if you qualify now!

If you’re a licensed cosmetologist or hair braider with a knack for sew-ins, the brief questionnaire below will let you know in real-time if you qualify for free booth rent at sw!

Introduction: We are very excited about this groundbreaking announcement! Until now, there has never been a way for licensed cosmetologists to work in a professional shop or salon environment without giving up all (ex. “Salary”), a percentage (ex. “Commission”) or a considerable portion (ex. “Booth Rent”) of your money each week. And, we’re here to change all of that!

Note: It’ll only take two minutes to see if you qualify and all entries are private and completely confidential.

Are you a licensed Cosmetologist or Hair Braider?

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