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Sew, you’ve graduated from cosmetology school, passed your State Board and now you’re officially an Illinois-recognized and very licensed cosmetologist! Sew What! now?

Sew What! Salon Centre.

Sew What! Salon Centre.
To Rent or Not To Rent: The Presentation.

The dilemma: Ok, so your client-base is made-up of a faithful few and you want to venture into a salon, but the idea of booth rent freaks you out because your current client-base isn’t that great. And, styling several heads, several hours a day for $8.00 -to- $10.00 an hour at a salary-based salon doesn’t sound like the best financial fit for you. Sew What! are your options?

The answer: Our Personnel Manager has visited several campuses meeting with students about the pros and cons associated with the four (4) major business models governing salons and stylists across the nation. And, because of this dynamic, all but a select few (cosmetology graduates) entering into the industry will have to decide which one is the best fit for them. And, this is where we come in.

We’re here to get the cogs turning early — months prior to graduation — so, by the time students graduate and pass their respective board, they would’ve had enough time to seriously consider each option + be prepared to make “that decision” when its time to make their entry into the field.

If you would like to contact management about this presentation, or if you are an instructor and you’d like to have this free presentation shared with your students, please email us: Mgmt@SewWhatSalon.Com

Continued success in the meanwhile and remember:
“Do unto others’ (hair) as you would have them do unto yours!”


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