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upgrading has never been easier. we offer you and your clients more for less! with a station rental rate guaranteed to never increase + amenities and incentives galore, why service your client-base anywhere else?

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ad. 829 No. California Ave., Chicago, IL.
For station availability, please contact our stylist personnel manager: em. mgmt@SewWhatSalon.Com
To view some of the many amenities and incentives we offer all sw! hair stylists, please see the listing below. Station openings are always limited, so please call or email us today to check station availability.

Stylist Guarantee.
Sew What! Salon Centre
We offer all sw! stylists the following:

FREE premium cable
FREE personalized SWSC business cards
Competitive station rental rates (only $100per week)
NO booth rent increase guarantee (that’s right, only $14 a day guaranteed!)
PAID vacation (one per year)
PAID “Bad Hair Week” (every 6 months)
FREE personalized SWSC email address/account
Hip European-style stations and equipment
FREE marketing and web-presence w/ unlimited updates
FREE beverages for stylists and clients
FREE print and online advertisement inclusion
FREE SWSC promotional tee-shirts for your clients
Full kitchenette and eatery cafe for Stylists
Set your own hours and work schedule
Create your own prices for your services
FREE storage for extra supplies and equipment
Daily cleaning personnel
FREE convenient parking for stylists and clients
FREE towel care

Availability Details.
Present number of available stations: 5 of 6

In an effort to keep our environment and service(s) desired and exclusive, we offer our stylists more amenities, incentives and complimentary add-ons for less. Our philosophy is simple: “Stylists will make more when they’re paying up to 40% less for beverages, parking, booth rent and towel care.” This is why we offer our stylists the VERY BEST– that they may in-turn have the flexibility to offer their client-base the very best in price, service and hair-care. This is our guarantee!

Sew What! are you waiting for?
Let’s grow together. Let’s grow today.


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