sew what! salon centre.

to ensure a pleasant + enjoyable experience for all sew what! salon clients, we ask that you be mindful of our terms of service included below. if you have any questions, please email us.


All sw! clients are asked to adhere to the following:


⋅ Clients must respect the other stylists and their clients at all times; violators will be asked to leave
⋅ Any use of offensive or profane language is not permitted under any circumstances– violators will be asked to leave
⋅ Clients are not permitted to bring in or eat “restaurant food” on the salon premises at any time; beverages are provided
⋅ No one is permitted to smoke while on or immediately outside the premise’s entryway at any time
⋅ No one is permitted to drink any alcoholic beverage/s while on the salon premise’s at any time
⋅ Clients 17years+ are not permitted to bring an accompanying friend/s or any other person/s to his/her appointment, if the accompanying person/s does not have an appointment with a Sew What! Salon Hair Stylist also


The following applies to clients/parents bringing an accompanying CHILD/REN to his/her appointment.
If the CHILD/REN is not being serviced, the client/parent is asked to adhere to the following:

⋅ The client/parent is responsible for his/her accompanying CHILD/REN
⋅ The client can bring no more than one (1) accompanying CHILD during his/her appointment before 4.00pm
⋅ The client can bring no more than two (2) accompanying CHILDREN after 4.00pm
⋅ Accompanying CHILDREN (not being serviced) are not permitted in any area beyond the immediate area/proximity of his/her parent for an extended period
⋅ Accompanying CHILDREN (not being serviced) is asked to remain seated and within the parent’s/client’s immediate during appointment
⋅ Parent’s must accompany his/her CHILD/CHILDREN under 8years of age when utilizing the restroom

If you have questions, concerns or comments about our terms, please email us. Thank you for helping make your visit with us an enjoyable one.

Updated: July 01, 2013


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