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welcome to sew what! salon centre. your trusted home for all things hair! with services ranging from senegalese twists to sew-ins, eyelashes to hair extensions, all needs and ages are welcomed.

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You can also phone or email us with general questions: ph. 630⋅768⋅1513 | em. questions@SewWhatSalon.Com
For station availability, please contact our stylist personnel manager: em. mgmt@SewWhatSalon.Com

Sew What! Salon Centre is an exclusive, appointment only hair + service environment. New clients are accepted through: Current Client Referral, Phoning In, via Email and New Client Registration below. Walk-Ins: Our present business model does not support the traditional walk-in experience, however, we have a few quick and convenient workarounds if you are a “Walk-In” without a referral. Simply select the best option for you:

a. Give Us a Call and one of our licensed stylists will gladly assist you.
b. Send us a quick email detailing your needs. Response times are generally less than one (1) hour.
c. Complete the brief New Client Registration Form below.

Registration: If you’re seeking hair-care services for the first time but you were not referred, you can register with us by completing the fields below. You will receive a unique four (4) digit Client Referral Number that you may need when requesting your first appointment at Sew What! Salon Centre. After your first visit with us, your CRN number is no longer needed.

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© 2009-2023.... Sew What! Salon Centre. .......